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Jared + Kayla : Portland Maine

Making memories for people is my passion, my joy. Doing so for those I know, those who I have built friendships with, is icing on the cake. Jared has been a friend & colleague of mine for almost 10 years. Upon meeting Kayla & discovering our shared passion for Harry Potter, we became fast friends. Instances like this make me feel like my job is not a job at all. I believe the saying is "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." Although I do work extremely hard (it's 12:30am as a type this), I find that capturing the moments that make people the most happy, make me the happiest in return.

Here's to Jared & Kayla, an amazing couple who deserve the best that life can offer them. Isla has most definitely set them off in the right direction! Cheers!

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