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Katie & TJ : A Little Diamond Island wedding

I'm not sure if I have ever had a more excited bride than Katie. I could tell right off the bat that photos were very important to her... music to my ears! Although, when it came to doing formals on the beach & I was going about my normal routine, she would stop me & say " can we get in a boat now!?" .... she was like a little kid saying "are we there yet?" I (along with her husband) had to nicely talk her out of actually putting the dinghy in the water since there was basically a small craft advisory in effect. Thus, we comprismised. I don't think she will be disappointed, yet I am sure a part of her still wishes she was in that boat! Katie & TJ were absolutely amazing to work with, completely in love & these photos are pure proof of that.

Thank you for allowing me capture such a fairytale of a wedding Mr. & Mrs. Gardner!

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