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Thank you for your payment!

There are a few more things to do before we can get started on your art . Lets get started


Step 1: Take a photo of your furry friend. Using your phone is fine as long as your phone takes high quality photos. A flip phone circa 2005 is not going to cut it, sorry. Place your pet outside if possible or in natural light next to a big window if inside. If you have the option to use portrait mode, please use this & focus on the eyes. Try & imitate the same general angle as the photo to the left.

tuukka copy.jpg

Step 2: Email us your photo to                   

Make sure when attaching photo to email that the file  is ACTUAL size the bigger the file the better.

In the email, feel free to suggest a particular color that you would like for the background, otherwise, we choose what we feel works best & speaks to the overall piece. 


Step 3: Make sure we have any additional information needed for successful delivery. If this is a gift & will be sent to a different recipient, please include correct name & shipping address. Feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions. After the order is complete, we will send a shipping confirmation along with a tracking number. 

Thank you & enjoy

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